What Happens During Fire Remediation and Fire Restoration?

When a fire strikes your home, you need to know what will happen. The good news is that the fire damage doesn’t have to be as extensive as it used to be. That’s because of modern technology and innovative techniques for cleaning up after fires. 

However, there are many steps involved in getting your home back into shape and restoring it to its original condition. This article will walk you through the process step-by-step of fire remediation and restoration: from assessing the damage and establishing priorities through cleanup and rebuilding. 

Fire Remediation Steps From Start To Finish

  1. Restoration Plan
  2. Secure the Facility
  3. Water Extraction
  4. Demolition and Debris Removal
  5. Soot Removal
  6. Smoke Damage Mitigation
  7. Repairs and Restoration
  8. Renovation

Restoration Plan

The first step in fire remediation and fire restoration is to develop a plan. This plan will involve assessing the damage done by the fire and creating a strategy for repairing and rebuilding the home. 

The priority is always safety. Your restoration team will ensure that the home is safe to enter and eliminate all hazards before starting any restoration work. 

The team will establish the boundaries of the fire so that it can be removed and disposed of properly. The safety inspection includes checking for asbestos or other hazardous materials and removing debris. Once the home is fit for hazards, demolition work begins. This involves removing all damaged walls, ceilings, and floors and hauling them to a landfill. This part of the restoration process is called fire remediation.

Once that’s done, your home restoration team can begin rebuilding and repairing the home’s structure using modern methods and materials. 

Secure the Facility

To protect your property, the restoration team will secure the facility. This means putting up fencing and setting up security patrols to keep unauthorized people away from the worksite. To protect the home from further damage, they might also board broken windows. 

Your restoration team will also work to protect your personal belongings. They’ll pack up any items damaged by the fire and move them to a secure location. They’ll also take steps to protect unaffected areas of the home from further damage. 

Water Extraction

The next step is to extract the water used to put out the fire. This water can damage your home, so quickly removing it will solve the problem. The restoration team will use high-powered vacuums and extraction tools to remove the water. They’ll also use dehumidifiers to get rid of any moisture in the air. 

In addition, they’ll also remove water from your belongings. They can save a lot of items by freeze-drying them first, which reduces the need to use a dehumidifier later on.  If the things are very wet, they’ll extract water with automated machines.  

After extracting the water, the team will clean and disinfect the area. They’ll also dry out any affected walls, floors, and ceilings. 

Demolition and Debris Removal

The next step is to demolish any damaged areas of the home and remove the debris. This includes removing all the broken walls, ceilings, and floors. The demolition team will also remove any charred material from the home. They’ll haul all of this debris to a landfill, where it will be disposed of properly. 

Soot Removal

After removing water and debris, it’s time to start cleaning up. The restoration team will use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuums with special filters to remove all soot from home. 

The team will also clean certain items contaminated with toxins, including insulation, acoustic ceiling tiles, and carpeting. They’ll use a special detergent to clean these items and disinfect them with a sanitizing agent.  

Smoke Damage Mitigation

The next step in the restoration process is to mitigate the smoke damage. The team will use special cleaners and deodorizers to remove the smoke smell from your home. They’ll also clean and seal any stained surfaces. 

After the smoke damage mitigation, the team will complete any remaining repairs and rebuild the home using modern methods and materials.

Repairs and Restoration

Your restoration team will ensure the home is as close as possible to its pre-fire condition. They’ll replace any damaged or missing flooring and wallboard, and they’ll paint throughout the house. 

They might also refinish floors that were blackened by smoke damage. In some cases, your restoration team can use more modern materials to restore the home. For instance, they might use wallboard instead of plaster. 

There are many different types of restoration jobs, so not every step will be included in each position. This is just a general overview of the process, and some jobs may vary greatly depending on the type and severity of the damage.


The final step in the restoration process is renovation. This includes repairing or replacing any appliances or fixtures damaged by the fire. The team might also install new insulation, plumbing, and electrical systems. 

In some cases, your restoration team might recommend a total renovation of the home. This involves gutting the entire house and rebuilding it from scratch. 

This is a very costly process, but it can be worth it if the fire severely damages the home.

The restoration team will also work to protect your personal belongings. They’ll pack up any items damaged by the fire and move them to a secure location. They’ll also take steps to protect unaffected areas of the home, such as closing doors and covering furniture. 

Your restoration company will provide you with a list of recommended preventative measures after they complete their initial assessment. This information can help you protect your home from future damage. It will also ensure that your home is safe for reentering so you can return as soon as possible.

Your restoration company might recommend hiring a separate contractor to perform specific work in some cases. For instance, they might suggest hiring a plumber for any plumbing issues. Your restoration team can also refer you to a reputable contractor who can help with future renovations if needed. 

Restoration companies have their emergency response teams and equipment. They’ll also work with your insurance company to ensure that all damages are covered.

It’s important to remember that not all fires are the same. The restoration process will vary greatly depending on the type and severity of the fire. Your restoration team will perform an initial assessment and create a plan specifically for your home. 

If you have any questions about the restoration process, don’t hesitate to contact your restoration company. They’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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