Medical Office Development

Doctor’s offices, dental offices, clinics, and other healthcare facilities take a bit more specialized development and planning than many other types of construction projects. We deliver your space optimized for everything from standard exam rooms, surgical centers and suites, to waiting rooms and administrative offices.  Our medical office development team at MW Construction knows what it takes to give you the sound foundation, structure, and interior features it takes to operate in a safe, and in a medically clean manner.

Medical and Dental Office Construction

Utility mapping for medical offices and facilities can be more intricate than for most construction projects. Not only does the planning of sewage, freshwater, natural gas, and electrical supplies need to be planned, most also need the addition of holding tanks for a variety of gases like nitrogen and oxygen. Access pathways have to be designed and built into the areas of the building that need these gases. Surgical suites, dental procedure areas, emergency rooms, critical care units, and other medical care rooms will need access to at least oxygen, if not other types of gases as well. Emergency backup power systems are also a critical part of medical facility and office development and construction. It’s essential that the medical facility can still provide basic services in case of major power outages. No one wants to think of the power going out during a medical procedure and having no way to finish. We ensure there will be consistent power for the safety of your patients.

Medical Office Front Desk

Medical Office Construction Details

MW Construction medical office development specialists also look at other interior needs such as air purification and treatment, water softening and treatment, sterile rooms, operating suites, and other specialized treatment areas. We help design and implement planning of electrical sources that reduce the risk of shock or sparking. We plan the interior with cleaning and sterilization in mind. We’ll recommend the best products to use that are long-lasting and easy to keep clean. Our planning and design can include comfortable waiting areas, cafeterias, restrooms, patient rooms with private restrooms, nursing stations, and information centers.

Contact our medical office development team today and begin the process of planning your medical offices, dental offices, clinic, or hospital right away. MW Construction is here to make sure everything you need to care for your patients is done right the first time.

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