Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is not something every contractor is ready and able to tackle. It often involves specialized equipment and knowledge to get it done right and up to code. Here at MW Construction, we can handle all types of industrial construction projects, no matter how big. Our focus is on making sure you have the building and utilities you need to stay in safe operation.

Industrial Site Development

The preparation and development phase of an industrial construction project is one of the most critical to a successful result. The property you choose for the build often requires some work with excavation, grading, clearing, and utility mapping. Trenching and tunneling might need to be done to install freshwater access, natural gas service, electricity, telecommunications, sewage wastewater drainage, and other necessary services. 

Proper Industrial Project Mapping

 Utility mapping is a method of making firm plans for the exact measurements and locations for every utility service that needs to be installed. It must take into consideration the proposed locations of buildings, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, storage tanks, and other landscape feature or structure that can hinder or alter the location of installation. Good mapping is what allows the project to move forward without a major problem. MW Construction will do all of the work to code and your utilities will be safely and effectively installed. No matter whether you need excavation, trenching, tunneling, or grading, our specialists will spend quality time and efforts in preparing the property for construction so that you experience no delays in opening. Our excavation experts can also install underground tanks and storage bunkers that withstand the elements and years of use.

Industrial Construction

Contact us at MW Construction if you are planning to launch an industrial enterprise. Our industrial development team can meet with you at your convenience and begin the process of putting together the design and plans you need for a successful build. Get started on the track to industrial success today.

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Industrial Warehouse Framing
Industrial Warehouse

Industrial Construction Execution

The actual construction of an industrial building requires planning based on the type of equipment to be used and the power grid needed for operation. Industrial piping, boiler systems, industrial HVAC systems, air compressors, vacuum systems, and required floor space are all planned and designed with the consultation of engineers that understand your industrial set-up needs. You want to feel confident you’ll have the necessary floor space and durability for heavy equipment and the power source to stay in operation. Some industrial set-ups require indoor tanks, overhead pipes, catwalks, and other specialized interior structures and equipment placement. Assembly-line systems, conveyors, and regular operation of forklifts and other heavy equipment indoors will mean the flooring needs to be designed to hold tremendous amounts of weight without effort. Our industrial development and construction services will give you the results you need and get you started in a timely fashion.

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Don’t take a gamble by using a contractor without the proven track record of industrial project success like the ones demonstrated by MW Construction. We make sure every detail is scrutinized for accuracy and every portion of your project meets local codes and regulations. You’ll never have to worry about any delays due to not meeting the code standards.