How To Hire The Right Fire Damage Restoration Contractors

When tragedy strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a fire damage restoration contractors. How do you know which one will best serve your needs with so many contractors in your area? This article provides some helpful tips on what to look for in a reliable and reputable fire damage restoration contractors.

Let’s explore some helpful tips on what to look for in a reliable and reputable fire damage contractor.

What Types Of Services Does The Fire Damage Contractor Offer? 

If you’re not sure, ask them. This way, they can explain more about their business if needed. It also gives you an idea of how many different contractor services they fulfill. For example, some may specialize solely in water or flood damage, while others might only do remodeling versus new construction. These are all essential things to know when looking at hiring one firm over another. It would be best to inquire about any fire damage restoration contractors certifications (i.e., IICRC Certified). Not only will this ensure quality craftsmanship, but it shows that they’re keeping up with the latest standards and industry regulations.

What Type Of Equipment Do They Have? 

This is an excellent question to ask as it shows how dedicated the company is to its work. If the fire damage restoration contractors don’t have access to the trucks, equipment, or machinery, this might be a sign that you won’t get the excellent service you seek. On the other hand, if all of their vehicles are well maintained, clean, and up-to-date on regular maintenance checks, then that’s a good indicator that they’re going to take care of your home. We at MW Construction pride ourselves in being fully stocked with top-quality state-of-the-art tools for each job we undertake—no matter what size.

How Many Employees Does The General Contractor Have? 

This is another critical question to ask as it ensures that you’ll be receiving top-notch service. If a company only has one or two technicians and no support staff, then they’re probably not going to give you too much attention. On the other hand, if they’ve got more than six employees, this shows potential for excellent customer service since there will always be someone available in your area who can help with any problems that might arise (and even offer aftercare services).

Do The General Contractor Use Subcontractors? 

While subcontractors are often highly trained individuals specializing in their specific areas of expertise, hiring an outside firm means less control over what happens on-site. You should ask what kind of training their subcontractors receive, where they come from, and if the contractor has ever had any problems with them in the past.

What Type Of Insurance Coverage Do You Have? 

While most people don’t realize it when hiring a fire damage restoration company, every legitimate firm should be insured. This ensures that your home or business is protected against damages during work. If for whatever reason, there were an accident on site (whether caused by the contractors themselves or not), then both parties would know precisely who’s responsible for paying out-of-pocket expenses.

What Are Company’s Policies For Fire Damage Restoration Contractors? 

While this question looks pretty straightforward, you’d be surprised how many people forget to ask something like it. For example, some contractors may request that they not have workers present during appointments with customers or require all visitors to sign waivers before entering their premises. Knowing these little details can help avoid future conflicts between parties, so if anything strange comes up when asking about them, remember that there might be more behind the scenes than meets the eye.

What Are Your Company’s Hours? 

This is another crucial question to ask as it ensures that you’ll be able to contact the general contractor whenever necessary. If they have only one person who can answer calls or deal with emergencies, this will cause problems down the line, mainly in a time-sensitive situation. It should go without saying, but don’t sign any contracts unless you’re 100% sure that their business hours align well with yours.

What Kind Of Estimate Do You Provide? 

What are all the costs included in the said quote? Will I receive an itemized copy of everything once repairs begin? These are all questions that need answers before signing anything. Some companies might claim to offer free estimates yet end up charging for them or not giving you exact pricing until after the work is complete. By asking what the estimated price range of your project will be, you’ll have some idea if it’s something within your budget before committing yourself.

How Do I Go About Making A Claim? 

Finally, while more common in commercial situations than homes, this question is essential nonetheless. While every contractor should provide their customers with an itemized list of all services provided and materials used on-site at no extra cost, there are cases where they might try and charge for things like cleaning supplies (especially when dealing with mold remediation ). Before signing anything, make sure you know exactly how much money it will take to file a claim through any insurance company involved—this could save you from many headaches down the line.

Do I Need To Move Any Personal Items? 

Some companies might require that their customers remove all valuable or breakable objects before starting work, while others won’t. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to keep safe, it’s best to find this out beforehand so an unexpected request catches no one-off guard. Speaking of requests, here are some more questions for your contractor:

Can Workers Smoke On-Site? 

It may sound ridiculous at first, but letting them light up can cause a whole host of problems—mainly when dealing with fire damage restoration contractors. Cigarettes have been known to start fires and burn holes through materials just as quickly as they do paper, so it’s best to determine if they’ll be allowed before signing on any dotted lines.

What Kind Of Cleaning Supplies Will You Use? 

Again, this largely depends on the type of damage being dealt with but knowing what types of products your contractor will use can help ensure that there won’t be a cloud left behind in the air when they’re done.

To conclude, the next time you need a contractor, make sure to ask them these questions before any work begins.  At MW Construstruction, we pride ourselves in offering a high level of customer service as a General contractor servicing residential and commercial fire damage. Contact us today for estimate and project consultation!


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