Fresno General Contractors: What Are Fresno General Contractors Able To Do?

General Contractors Fresno: What Are Fresno General Contractors Able To Do?

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you may think you need to hire professional Fresno General Contractors to take on your project. That may not be the case. If the project is small enough, you won’t need to get a building permit, so you won’t necessarily need a general contractor to do the work.

It’s important to know the difference between a general contractor and a handyman, so you can hire the right one for the projects you have planned. Here are a few tips to help you determine when you really do need a handyman or a general contractor and how to hire a reputable and reliable general contractor in your area.

General Contractor Versus Handyman?

Frequently, people use the term contractor when they really mean handyman, but there is a big difference when it comes to hiring a general contractor versus a handyman. Typically bonded and licensed by the state, a general contractor is required by state law to have these certifications since they can build a structure or add to an existing structure.

In comparison, a handyman may also be bonded, but it isn’t required. If you want to add on a room to your homes like a bedroom or bathroom, you should call a general contractor since a building permit will be required to do the work. A handyman can handle a remodeling project of an existing room. Remember that it all depends on the size and scope of your project.

Handymen are capable of working on a small project that isn’t complex and doesn’t require a building permit. Typically, handymen or home remodelers can install cabinets or flooring, but they can’t work on moving a plumbing line, electrical work, and can’t move a wall since these projects typically need a building permit from your city. A city will require a building permit to ensure a building’s integrity and the resident’s safety. No one wants an unlicensed and untrained electrician working on your electrical system since inferior work is dangerous.

When Do You Need to Hire a General Fresno Construction Contractor?

It’s not always necessary to hire a general contractor since a small home modeling project like cabinet installation is easily done by hiring a handyman. Or you can even do it yourself to save some money, but only do this if you really know what it is that you are doing. It’s important to not cause damage from inexperience that can end up being more expensive to fix, and you need to make sure to avoid doing electrical or plumbing work, which should be left to the professionals.

Typically, any time you want to add square footage to your home or move a wall, you want it to be done by a general contractor. This is important because you need permission or a permit from your city to make major changes to your home’s structure. And only a licensed general contractor will be able to perform that type of work. Remember that a building inspector won’t approve work that is not don’t by a licensed general contractor.

So, if you decide you want to remodel your kitchen and remove a wall in order to have an open floor plan, you will need to hire a licensed general contractor. And, if you have a handyman that says he can do structural work without a building permit, do not hire him. Only a licensed general contractor can be trusted to do a home remodeling project like that.

What Can Fresno General Contractors Do for You?

Licensed Fresno General Contractors are capable of performing a range of projects including roofing, framing, foundation, electrical, and plumbing work. Remember that a general contractor isn’t able to work on every project, in some states like California, there are three different classes when it comes to general contractors. Type A General Contractors are able to work on a large project that requires knowledge of engineering allowing them to build large structures like parking garages, stadiums, bridges, dams, and skyscrapers.

A Type B General Contractor is able to perform building projects and general construction of both residential and commercial buildings that are meant to be occupied. So, this type of general contractor is able to build a home or office building from the very start. They can lay the foundation and frame the entire building. Not only can they build an entire home, but they can major remodels on a building or build an addition onto your home.

Type C General Contractor will have specialized roles. These roles can include a contractor that is an electrician or that specializes in removing asbestos, fireproofing, and working on elevators, concrete, or HVAC.

Is Your General Contractor Licensed?

Typically, Fresno General Contractors are regulated by the state licensing board. A general contractor needs to take an examination that is administered by this board to get their license. Then, they have to renew their license every couple of years. A reputable contractor will incorporate their license number into their business cards and signage. If you ever need to check on the license of a contractor, you can do so on the licensing board’s website, which helps to protect consumers from the risk that can be assumed during a renovation.

If you have a general contractor that won’t give you their license number, remember that’s a huge red flag and you shouldn’t work with them. Every homeowner should do their homework to protect themselves from a contractor that will do poor and possibly dangerous renovation work.

How Do You Find a General Contractor In Your Area?

Fresno construction requires researching and finding reliable Fresno General Contractors that you can trust can be hard since there are a lot of general contractors out there. Typically, a homeowner will search for a general contractor on the internet or word of mouth from friends and family. While the internet can give you some good reviews and ratings, it’s still possible for a general contractor to have some good ratings and still do work over budget and very slowly. Everyone has heard of stories where a general contractor will finish a job months after they began because they have taken on other projects.

If this is your first time hiring a general contractor, it’s important to consider all your options and look for a general contractor that has completed hundreds of projects and is among the best in your area. Usually, when a homeowner is shopping for estimates, they don’t think about the people that they are hiring. You also want to interview any potential general contractor and make sure to not only rely on an estimate when making your decision.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you understand the difference between a general contractor and a handyman as well as help you to understand how to locate licensed Fresno contractors. it’s important to know exactly what a general contractor can do as well as what projects you really need a general contractor for to ensure that the work that is done on your home is safe and legal.

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